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West Virginia Real Estate. Find everything you need for a waterfront, lakefront, beachfront or water view real estate investment, vacation or just relative information about West Virginia  Waterfront Real Estate and West Virginia . Residents of West Virginia enjoy some great fishing, boating and even water skiing opportunities. We hope you find these West Virginia  Waterfront Real Estate links helpful. This site should contain everything you need to know about West Virginia  Waterfront Real Estate and subjects dealing with it. Below you will find a variety of information on lakes and rivers of West Virginia. Around each you will find waterfront real estate, home and property.

    Lakes in West Virginia
Alpine Lake, West Virginia
Bluestone Lake, West Virginia
Cheat Lake, West Virginia
Crystal Lake, West Virginia
East Lynn Lake, West Virginia (Wayne County)
Flat Top Lake, West Virginia
Mirror Lake, West Virginia
Moncove Lake, West Virginia
Pentenwell Lake, West Virginia
Spring Lake, West Virginia
Stonecoal Lake, West Virginia
Stonewall Jackson Lake, West Virginia (Lewis County)
Summersville Lake, West Virginia (Nicholas County)
Sutton Lake, West Virginia
Tygart Lake, West Virginia

According to Allrefer.com
Bluestone Lake
, reservoir, S W.Va. and S Va., on New R., 2 mi/3.2 km SSW of Hinton; c.36 mi/58 km long; 8054'N 3137'W. Max. capacity 631,000 acre-ft. Bluestone R. enters from SW to form a c.8-mi/12.9-km W arm. Formed by Bluestone Dam (165 ft/50 m high) built (1948) for flood control and power generation. Bluestone State Park in N, near dam; Bluestone Wildlife Management Area surrounds most of lake.

East Lynn Lake , reservoir, Wayne co., SW W.Va., on Twelvepole R., 25 mi/40 km S of Huntington; 3737'N 8117'W. Max. capacity 3,700 acre-ft. Formed by E. Lynn Dam (110 ft/34 m high).

Stonewall Jackson Lake , reservoir, Lewis co., central W.Va., on West Fork, 22 mi/35 km WSW of Clarksburg; 3900'N 8028'W. Max. capacity 145,000 acre-ft. Formed by Stonewall Jackson Dam (95 ft/29 m high), built (1986) for flood control; also used for water supply and recreation. Stonewall Jackson L. State Park near dam.

Summersville Lake , reservoir, Nicholas co., central W.Va., on Gauley R., 6 mi/9.7 km SW of Summersville; 6 mi/9.7 km long; 8053'N 3812'W. Max. capacity 390,800 acre-ft. Formed by Summersville Dam (342 ft/104 m high), built (1965) by the Army Corps of Engineers for water storage. Summersville L. Wildlife Management Area surrounds lake, Gauley R. Natl. Recreation Area downstream (W).

According to WVdot.com The Ohio river, Kanawha river, Big Sandy river, Little Kanawha river and the Monongahela Rivers have influenced the lives of 1.2 million West Virginians over the years living within the twenty-two river counties.  Historically, the Ohio River and its tributaries have been one of the major waterways in the United States.  This river system has been instrumental in the economic and industrial development of West Virginia, the Ohio River Valley and the United States.

Major Rivers
Other Rivers in West Virginia
Big Coal River, West Virginia (Raleigh County)
Bluestone, West Virginia
Buckhannon River, West Virginia (Randolph County)
Cacapon River, West Virginia (Hardy County)
Cheat River, West Virginia
Coal River, West Virginia
Dry Fork, West Virginia
Elk River, West Virginia (Pocahontas County)
Gauley River, West Virginia
Gauley River, West Virginia (Pocahontas County)
Greenbrier River, West Virginia (Pocahontas County)
Guyandotte River, West Virginia (Raleigh County)
Hughes River, West Virginia (Ritchie County)
Kanawha, West Virginia (Fayette County)
Laurel Fork, West Virginia (Randolph County)
Little Kanawha River, West Virginia (Upshur County)
Lost River, West Virginia
Meadow River, West Virginia (Summers County)
Mud River, West Virginia (Boone County)
New River Gorge National River, West Virginia
Ohio River, West Virginia
Pocatalico River, West Virginia (Roane County)
Shavers Fork, West Virginia (Pocahontas County)
Tug Fork, West Virginia (McDowell County)
Tygart, West Virginia (Pocahontas County)
West Fork, West Virginia (Upshur County)
Youghiogheny River, West Virginia (Preston County)

According to Allrefer.com
Big Coal River
, c.55 mi/89 km long, W central W.Va.; formed in NW Raleigh co., 20 mi/32 km W of Beckley, by joining of Marsh and Clear forks (both c.35 mi/56 km long); flows NW to Kanawha R. at St. Albans. Bituminous-coal mining in its valley. Also called Coal R.

Bluestone River , Natl. Wild and Scenic River and Riverway ( 7 sq mi/18.1 sq km), Summers and Mercer cos., S W.Va., c.18 mi/29 km SSE of Beckley; consists of c.10 mi/16 km of the lower Bluestone R. immediately above its entrance to Bluestone L. reservoir (SW); 3737'N 8056'W. Fishing, hiking, boating; known for its scenery.

Buckhannon River , c.45 mi/72 km long, central W.Va.; formed in SW Randolph co. by junction of short Right and Left forks; flows generally N, past Buckhannon, to Tygart R. 6 mi/9.7 km SSW of Philippi.

Cacapon River , c.115 mi/185 km long; rises in S Hardy co., NE W.Va., as Lost R., flows c.25 mi/40 km NNE, submerged as an underground stream for c.5 mi/8 km, then emerges just W of Wardensville as Cacapon R.; then flows c.85 mi/137 km NNE to the Potomac R. at Great Cacapon village; 3904'N 7838'W. Lost R. State Park (c.3,712 acres/1,502 ha) is 2 mi/3.2 km W of the upper Lost R., with camping, picnicking, and recreational facilities and mineral springs.

Cheat River , c.75 mi/121 km long, E W.Va. and SW Pa.; formed by junction of Shavers Fork and Laurel Fork rivers at Parsons, W.Va., in Monongahela Natl. Forest; flows N past Rowlesburg and NW through Cheat R. reservoir (dam just S of state line), to Monongahela R. at Point Marion, Pa. Lower river's gorge is 1,000 ft/305 m deep. White-water rafting. Civil War battle of Corrick's Ford fought at Parsons.

Dry Fork River,  c.35 mi/56 km long, in S W.Va.; rises in S McDowell, near Va. state line, 15 mi/24 km W of Bluefield; flows NW past War and Bradshaw to Tug Fork R. at Iaeger.

Elk River , 172 mi/277 km long, central W.Va. Rises in central Pocahontas co., in the Allegheny Mts., N of Marlinton; flows N then W, past Webster Springs, generally NW through Sutton L. reservoir (Elk R. Wildlife Management Area), past Sutton, then SW past Clay and Clendenin, to Kanawha R. at Charleston.

Gauley River, 104 mi/167 km long, SE W.Va.; rises in the Allegheny Mts. in W Pocahontas co., NW of Marlinton; flows generally WSW, past Summersville, and through Summersville L. reservoir (Wildlife Management Area) and Gauley R.; 3824'N 8014'W. Natl. Recreation Area, joins New R. 2 mi/3.2 km S of Gauley Bridge to form Kanawha R. Carnifex Ferry State Park ( 275 acres/111 ha) is on its banks, 7 mi/11.3 km SW of Summerville; marks scene of Civil War engagement (1861) won by Union troops. White-water rafting.

Greenbrier River , c.165 mi/266 km long, E W.Va., formed by junction of West Fork and East Fork (both c.15 mi/24 km long), just S of Durbin, in NE Pocahontas co.; flows generally SSW, past Marlinton, Ronceverte, and Alderson, to New R., just S of Hinton. Greenbrier R. Trail follows river's central course.

Guyandotte River , 166 mi/267 km long, SW W.Va.; rises in S Raleigh co. SSW of Beckley, near Sophia; flows SW, W (through R. D. Bailey L. reservoir), and NNW past Gilbert, Logan, and Barboursville, to Ohio R. at Huntington.

Hughes River  18 mi/29 km long, NW W.Va.; formed in E Ritchie co. by junction of North Fork (c.50 mi/80 km long; flows generally SW) and South Fork (c.40 mi/64 km long; flows generally W); flows W, through Hughes R. Wildlife Management Area, to Little Kanawha R., 12 mi/19 km SE of Parkersburg.

Kanawha (kah-NAW-wah), river, 97 mi/156 km long, W.Va., formed by the confluence of the New and Gauley rivers, NW Fayette co., S central W.Va., 35 mi/56 km ESE of Charleston. Flows NW past Smithers, Charleston, St. Albans, and Winfield, to the Ohio R. at Point Pleasant. There are rich coal, natural gas, and salt-brine deposits in the region, and numerous chemical plants along the river. There are navigation locks and power dams on the river, navigable to Charleston.

Laurel Fork , river, c.50 mi/80 km long, E W.Va.; rises in E Randolph co.; flows NNE, receives Gandy Creek from S and Glady Creek from SW, turns WNW, joins Shavers Fork at Parsons to form Cheat R.

Little Kanawha River  c.160 mi/257 km long, central and NW W.Va.; rises in S Upshur co.; flows generally W through Burnsville L. reservoir (Wildlife Management Area), past Burnsville, Glenville, and Grantsville, then NW to Ohio R. at Parkersburg; receives Hughes R. from E, 12 mi/19 km SE of Parkersburg.

Meadow River , 53 mi/85 km long, S central W.Va.; rising on Keeney Knob in N Summers co.; flows generally NW, through Meadow R. Wildlife Management Area, to Gauley R. 14 mi/23 km E of Gauley Bridge; lower 5 mi/8 km in Gauley R. Natl. Recreation Area.

Mud River , 72 mi/116 km long, W W.Va.; rises in W Boone co. W of Madison; flows NNW and W past Milton to Guyandotte R. at Barboursville, near Ohio R.

New River Gorge National River ( 97 sq mi/251 sq km), S central W.Va., in Fayette, Raleigh, and Summers cos., c.40 mi/64 km SE of Charleston, on New R., forms Bluestone L. bet. Hinton and Va. state line. The natl. river is a 52-mi/84-km-long sect. of one of oldest rivers in N. Amer. White-water stream flows through deep canyons; rafting. White-water rafting. Authorized 1978.

Pocatalico River , c.75 mi/121 km long, W central W.Va.; rises in central Roane co.; flows generally SW, past Pocatalico and Poca, to Kanawha R., 1 mi/1.6 km W of Poca.

Shavers Fork river, 83 mi/134 km long, E W.Va.; rises in N Pocahontas co. W of Cass; flows NNE bet. Cheat (W) and Shavers (E) mts., turns briefly W near Elkins to cross Cheat Mt., then NNE, joins Laurel Fork at Parsons to form Cheat R.

Tug Fork , river, 154 mi/248 km long, S W.Va., E Ky., and SW Va.; rises in E McDowell co., S W.Va.; flows generally NW, past Welch; forms Va.-W.Va. state line for c.4 mi/6.4 km, continues as Ky.-W.Va. state line, flowing past Williamson, W.Va.; joins Louisa Fork at Louisa, Ky., to form Big Sandy R.

Tygart , river, c.160 mi/257 km long, E W.Va.; source at Randolph-Pocahontas co. line; flows N past Elkins, then NNW past Belington and Philippi, through Tygart L. reservoir (State Park), past Grafton, and through Valley Falls State Park; joins the W. Fork R. at Fairmont to form the Monongahela R. Locally referred to as Tygart Valley R.

West Fork , river, c.80 mi/129 km long, central W.Va.; rises in S Upshur co.; flows N through Stonewall Jackson L. reservoir (State Park and Wildlife Management Area), past Weston and Clarksburg, and joins Tygart R. at Fairmont to form Monongahela R.

Youghiogheny River , c.135 mi/217 km long, in W.Va., Md., and Pa.; rises in extreme SE Preston co., W.Va. at Backbone Mt., near W border of Md.; flows NNW past Oakland, Md., enters Pa. in Youghiogheny R. L. reservoir; continues past Connellsville, W. Newton, and Versailles to Monongahela R. at McKeesport; navigable for c.20 mi/32 km above mouth. Youghiogheny Dam (184 ft/56 m high; 1,610 ft/491 m long; completed 1944 for flood control, pollution abatement) impounds Youghiogheny Reservoir above Confluence, Pa. Somerfield, Pa., where there once was a famous pioneer ford, was inundated by reservoir.

Creeks In West Virginia
Buffalo Creek, West Virginia (Logan County)
Patterson Creek, West Virginia (Grant County)
Twelvepole Creek, West Virginia (Mingo County)

Islands in West Virginia
Middle Island Creek, West Virginia (Doddridge County)

Reservoirs in West Virginia
Bluestone Lake, West Virginia
East Lynn Lake, West Virginia (Wayne County)
Stonewall Jackson Lake, West Virginia (Lewis County)
Summersville Lake, West Virginia (Nicholas County)

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