The Lake Cumberland Kentucky Waterfront Home and Property Guide
The complete guide to waterfront homes and real estate along Kentucky's Lake Cumberland.



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When looking for the perfect home, investment real estate or property, its often useful to have a complete list of towns and communities. Below you will find a list of waterfront towns and communities around Lake Cumberland, Kentucky. Each town listed below is located along KY's scenic Lake Cumberland coastline. Homeowners will find an assortment of beautiful homes with spectacular lakefront property. Nearly 1,255 miles of shoreline beckon boaters to this 101-mile long water paradise. Lake Cumberland, one of the largest manmade lakes in the world, has an average depth of 90 feet which is perfect for boating, swimming, skiing, fishing and scuba diving. Cove after cove offers privacy for any size boat. Wolf Creek Dam, which forms the lake, was completed in 1941 and placed in full operation in 1952. It covers 63,000 acres and holds back more than two million acre feet of water. Lake Cumberland State Park offers outdoor activities of all kinds. A popular gathering point is Severnty-six Falls located at the end of the Indian Creek inlet found on the south west corner of the lake. Here a water fall drops approximately 30 feet to the lake. There are nearly a dozen marinas on the lake, as well as cabins, lodges, campgrounds, restaurants and real estate developments.

Lake Cumberland
Wolf Creek, Kentucky
Zula, Kentucky
Mill Sprs, Kentucky
General Burnside, Kentucky
Tateville, Kentucky
Burnside, Kentucky
Bronston, Kentucky
Jameston, Kentucky


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