The California Waterfront Real Estate and Property Guide
The complete guide to lakefront, riverfront and luxury waterfront homes, real estate and living in California.
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Counties of California  Lake Tahoe

California is known as the Golden State for good reason. From San Diego to San Francisco, California is home to miles of spectacular beaches, boardwalks, rivers and lakes. Residents enjoy the sun, water sports and coastal living lifestyle. As a prospective oceanfront or water view homeowner you will find a wide variety of real estate opportunities in California to meet all your lifestyle and water sport desires. California's diverse geography ranges from the sandy beaches of the Pacific to the rugged, snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains in the east. The central portion of the state is dominated by the California Central Valley, one of the most vital agricultural areas in the country. The information listed on this page should help you find the perfect luxury waterfront home or vacation real estate property.


Lakes in California CA
Alpine, Lake, California (Alpine County)
Arrowhead, Lake, California (San Bernardino County)
Bass Lake, California
Big Bear Lake, California
Black Butte Lake. Sailing, Fishing,
Blackhawk Lake, California
Blue Lakes, California (Alpine County)
Blue Lakes, California (Lake County)
Bristol Lake, California (San Bernardino County)
Buena Vista Lake, California
Bullards Bar, California
Located between Nevada City and Downieville, this 16-mile long lake has 56 miles of shoreline cloaked with pine, fir, oak, madrone and dogwood trees offering seclusion in hundreds of coves. The reservoir is held back by Bullards Bar Dam, the second tallest dam in California and the fifth tallest in the United States. The lake's 2,000-foot elevation offers cold and warm water fishing, which includes kokanee, rainbow and German brown trout and small and large mouth bass. Wildlife viewing is at its best around the reservoir with bald eagles, osprey, blue heron, deer, bear, fox and other animals calling the area home. F
Cadiz Lake, California
California's Delta
    More than 1,000 miles of waterways. That's what California's Delta has to offer. The delta is formed by the Sacramento, Mokelumne and San Joaquin rivers with countless channels and tributaries that wind through central California. The Delta offers great fishing with an abundance of striped bass. Salmon and steelhead pass through each autumn on their migration up the Sacramento River. Several great waterfront towns-Brannan Island, Locke, Isleton, Brentwood and Walnut Grove- offer various activities. There is also Stockton, the "Gateway to the Delta," which is surrounded by fields, orchards and vineyards.
Castaic Lake, California (Los Angeles County)
Chabot, Lake, California (Alameda County)
China Lake, California (San Bernardino County)
Canyon Lake, California
Chaparral Country Club Lake, California
Clair-Engle Lake, California
Clear Lake, California (Lake County)
    Clear Lake. California (Modoc County) Fishing, One near the Oregon State Line and one off California State Route 20 West of Interstate 5 (The Oregon State Line "Clear Lake" is mostly primitive).
Lake Don Pablo.
    Fishing, Swimming, This is California's 6th largest lake. provide a wide variety of recreational opportunities which include excellent fishing for trophy trout, king salmon, black bass, crappie, and catfish. Water-skiing, jet skiing, sailing, or exploring hundreds of miles of shoreline by houseboat are also quite popular. 
Lake Don Pedro
    Lake Don Pedro is hidden in the oak and bull pine covered foothills of the Sierra, 35 miles east of Modesto. It was created in 1923 by the old Don Pedro Dam, flooding the deep gorge of the Tuolumne River and expanded with a new dam in 1971. It is the fifth largest reservoir in California with 13,000 surface acres at high water. It is 26 miles long with 160 un-inhabitated miles of shoreline which means lots of quiet and secluded coves for anchoring. Water temperatures in the summer months reach 80 degrees and the air temperature reaches 100 degrees. Gentle breezes in the afternoons with little or no breeze in the mornings and evenings make skiing, sailing and fishing all the more enjoyable. The lake is open to all fishing 24 hours a day year-round. Stocked with king, kokanee salmon and rainbow trout, there is also an abundance of large and small mouth bass, crappie, catfish and bluegill.

Clair Engle Lake. Fishing, Swimming,
Crowley, Lake, California
Collins Lake, California
Copco Lake, California
Dale Lake, California (San Bernardino County)
Danby Lake, California (San Bernardino County)
Don Pedro Lake, California (Tuolumne County)
Donner Lake, California
Eagle Lake, California (Lassen County)
Echo Lake, California (El Dorado County)
Eleanor, Lake, California (Tuolumne County)
Elsinore, Lake, California
Emigrant Lake, California (Tuolumne County)
Englebright Lake, California. Fishing, Hiking, Swimming, Rugged Canyons for Boat Access.
Fallen Leaf Lake, California (El Dorado County)
Folsom Lake, California (Sacramento County)
Gold Lake, California (Sierra County)
Green Valley Lake, California
Henshaw, Lake, California
Hensley Lake. Waterskiing, Fishing, Swimming,
Honey Lake, California (Lassen County)
Harry Englebright Lake, California
Hensley Lake, California
Hidden Lake, California
Hidden Valley Lake, California
Holiday Lake, California
Isabelle, Lake, California (Kern County)
Kaweah, Lake, California (Tulare County)
Lake Kaweah. Fishing, Swimming,
Klamath Lake, California
Lake Almano
    Near California State Routes 89 and 36. This 4.1 mile long lake is a nice mountain lake about 40 miles north of Fresno.
Lake Almanor Dam, California
Lake Alpine, California
Lake Arrowhead, California
ake Anderson, California
Lake Arrowhead, California
Lake Berryessa, California
Lake Comanche, California
Lake Elsinore, California
Lake Gregory, California
Lake Hodges, California
Lake Isabella, California
Lake Kaweah, California
Lake McClure, California
    These beautiful lakes provide four great water recreation areas just 27 miles northeast of Merced in central California's scenic Sierra Nevada foothills. The lakes are fed by the Merced River, which gets its water from the winter snows of Yosemite National Park. Lake McClure is 26 miles long and has 80 miles of explorable shoreline, coves and islands. The lakes are regularly stocked with trout and the popular trophy size Florida largemouth bass has been introduced to the lake. Black bass, spotted bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish, salmon and shad also swim the lake's waters.

Lake Madrone, California
Lake Mendocino, California
Lake Nacimiento, California
Lake of the Pines, California
Lake Pillbury, California
Lake Shasta, California
  Referred to as the Jewel of Northern California, Lake Shasta is fed by three major rivers; the Sacramento, Pit and McCloud. Recreation enthusiasts can enjoy average summer water temperatures of 77 degrees. With a shoreline of 370 miles, the lake is the largest reservoir in the state with countless coves and inlets in which to drop an anchor or tie up. Fishing (the lake has 17 varieties of fish), boating, swimming and other water sports are popular on the lake. Views of 14,162-foot Mt. Shasta are breathtaking. On the shore, Shasta Lake offers several scenic trails for nature buffs, including the one-mile Samwel Cave Nature Trail. Visitors may even spot a wide variety of wildlife, including black-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk, great blue herons, raccoons, black bears and ospreys. The lake also supports the largest number of bald eagles in California.
Lake Shastina, California
Lake Solano, California
Lake Sonoma, California
Lake Success, California
Lake Tahoe, California
Lake Tulloch, California
Lake Wildwood, California
Lake Wohlford, California
Lake Berryessa.
    Located about 1 hour northeast of San Francisco in the wine country. The lake is administered by the Bureau of Land Management with "on-the-lake" sheriff's. Great trout, bass and catfish fishing.
Lake Elizabeth, California
    Fishing, Limited Boating, A popular small recreational lake located in Fremont.
Lake Elsinore, California  
    Water Sports, Fishing, This 4.8 mile long lake is located in Lake Elsinore (just south east of Los Angeles)
Lake Loveland Dam, California
Lake Spaulding Dam, California
Long Lake, California (Sierra County)
Loon Lake, California (El Dorado County)
Loveland, Lake, California
Lower Klamath Lake, California (Siskiyou County)
Lucerne Lake, California (San Bernardino County)
Mathews, Lake, California (Riverside County)
Mono Lake, California (Mono County)
    Mono Lake. Just East of Yosemite National Park off U.S. 395.
New Hogan Lake, California  
    Fishing, Swimming, Waterskiing, Near the historic Gold Rush Towns of the California Mother Lode. 35 miles east of Stockton off California State Route 26.
New Melones Lake
    Tucked away in central California, this lake is in the heart of the state's Gold Country, site of the Gold Rush. The lake is also just a hop, skip and a jump from Angels Camp, the setting for Mark Twain's famous story, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," which inspired the now annual frog-jumping contest.

Oroville, Lake, California (Butte County)
    Lake Oroville. 15,800 Acres, Depths to 695 feet, 167 miles of shoreline, Swimming, Boating, Skiing, Fishing, (Lake Oroville is one of California's largest lakes featuring houseboating and all varieties of watersports. Located 70 miles north of Sacramento off highway 70 and the Oro-Dam exit. Located in north central California about 15 miles from Chico, Lake Oroville is found in the scenic chaparal-oak-pine belt of the northern Mother Lode country. The lake is held back by Oroville Dam, the highest earth-filled dam in the United States, which reaches over 770 feet high. It is also one of the largest lakes in the state and has 167 miles of shoreline beckoning houseboaters who want quiet coves to explore. The water from Feather Falls, one of North America's highest waterfalls, drops 640 feet before it enters an arm of the lake.
Owens Lake, California
Prado Dam. Fishing, Swimming, Waterskiing,
Perris Lake, California (Riverside County)
Pillsbury, Lake, California (Lake County)
Pine Flat Lake, California (Fresno County)
    Pine Flat Lake. Fishing, Swimming, Waterskiing,
Pyramid Lake, California (Los Angeles County)
Rollins Lake. Skiing, Fishing, Boat Access Camping,
Salada, Laguna, California
Lake San Antonio. 5000 acres (average) Boating, Watersports, Fishing, Swimming, Picnic Grounds,
Salton Sea, California
    Salton Sea. It is estimated that over 1 million visitors spend time at the Salton Sea each year. The lake is currently 35 by 15 miles with an average depth of 29 feet.
Searles Lake, California
Sherwood, Lake, California (Ventura County)
Silverwood Lake, California (San Bernardino County)
Soda Lake, California
Sonoma, Lake, California (Sonoma County)
Spaulding, Lake, California
Sweetwater Lake, California
Tahoe, Lake, California
Toluca Lake, California (Los Angeles County)
Tulainyo Lake, California
Tulare Lake, California (Kings County)
Tule Lake, California (Siskiyou County)
Van Norden, Lake, California
Mammoth Lake, California
Martis Creek Lake, California
New Hogan Lake, California
Oroville Lake, California
Pine Flat Lake, California
Pine Mountain Lake, California
Red Lake, California
San Mateo Lagoon, California
Silver Lake, California
Sly Lake, California
Spring Valley Lake, California
Trinity Lake, California
To the west of the famous Lake Shasta is Trinity Lake, a quiet, secluded water wonderland that is a perfect alpine hideaway. Boaters can see the unparalleled beauty of the jagged, granite peaks of the Salmon-Trinity Primitive Area, which covers 283,000 acres. The lake has an elevation of 2300 feet and a shoreline of 145 miles. Summertime air temperatures can reach into the 80s and 90s while the water temperature can get up to the 80s. Fishermen can find a variety of fish in the lake, including smallmouth and largemouth bass, catfish, kokanee and rainbow and brown trout.

California Delta Waterway.
    Over 1000 miles of waterways running from Tracy, CA. through Stockton to Sacramento. If you want to water ski, take a train ride, hang out at one of many celebrations, cruise the Stockton channel, or visit the historic hamlet of Locke, the California Delta is a must visit if boating in central California. On a holiday weekend it is not uncommon to see 300-400 PWC, Ski boats and house boats moored to the island.


San Diego Bay, California

Rivers in CA
American River, California (Placer County)
Bear River, California (Placer County)
Big River, California (Mendocino County)
Calaveras River, California (Calaveras County)
Carmel River, California (Monterey County)
Carson River, California (Alpine County)
Chowchilla River, California (Mariposa County)
Colorado River Aqueduct, California
Cosumnes River, California (Amador County)
Cottonwood River, California (Tehama County)
Coyote River, California
Cuyama River, California (Ventura County)
East Walker River, California
Eel River, California (Mendocino County)
Fall River, California (Plumas County)
Feather River, California
Fresno River, California (Madera County)
Kaweah River, California (Tulare County)
Kern River, California (Tulare County)
Kings River, California (Fresno County)
Little Truckee River, California
Los Angeles River, California (Los Angeles County)
Lost River, California (Modoc County)
Mad River, California (Trinity County)
Mattole River, California (Mendocino County)
McCloud River, California (Siskiyou County)
Merced River, California (Madera County)
Middle Yuba River, California
Mojave River, California (San Bernardino County)
Mokelumne River, California (Alpine County)
Napa River, California (Napa County)
Navarro River, California (Mendocino County)
Noyo River, California (Mendocino County)
Otay River, California (San Diego County)
Owens River, California (Mono County)
Pajaro River, California (Santa Clara County)
Pit River, California (Modoc County)
Rubicon River, California (El Dorado County)
Russian River, California (Mendocino County)
Sacramento River, California (Siskiyou County)
Saint Johns River, California
Salinas River, California
San Benito River, California (San Benito County)
San Diego River, California (San Diego County)
San Gabriel River, California (Los Angeles County)
San Joaquin River, California (Madera County)
San Lorenzo River, California (Santa Cruz County)
San Luis Rey River, California (San Diego County)
Santa Ana River, California
Santa Clara River, California (Los Angeles County)
Santa Clara River Valley, California
Santa Margarita River, California (Riverside County)
Santa Maria River, California (San Luis Obispo County)
Santa Ynez River, California (Santa Barbara County)
Shasta River, California (Siskiyou County)
Sisquoc River, California (Santa Barbara County)
Smith River, California (Del Norte County)
South Eel River, California
Stanislaus River, California (Alpine County)
Susan River, California (Lassen County)
Sweetwater River, California (San Diego County)
Tijuana River, California
Trinity River, California (Trinity County)
Truckee, California (Placer County)
Tule River, California (Tulare County)
Tuolumne River, California (Tuolumne County)
West Walker River, California (Mono County)
Yuba River, California (Placer County)
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